As part of our inaugural OBJECTO Festival, join us for our third event:

Exquisite Collaborations Online!


A group of artists has been working for weeks, exchanging show ideas, storyboards, designs, and performances. Expect the unexpected: come together in digital space to marvel at these Exquisite Collaborations!

Live online performance:
Sunday November 28th at 7:00 pm
Tickets by donation (suggested $5-10)


Kayla Chambers
Steven Conway
Felicia Cooper
Olivia Costes
Naomi Duvall
Alexa Fraser
Alexander Mantia
Molly McGregor
Zita Nyarady
Greta Papageorgiu & Hugh Probyn
Nina Pariser
Robin Polfuss
Collette Radauz
Eish Van Wieren
Alex Winfield

We are always looking for a way to foster the work of materials performers, while also encouraging cross-collaboration within the community and creating an accessible entry point for artists new to puppetry and performing object work.

For more details about the process, check out the Concrete Cabaret Exquisite Collaboration online event from June, 2020 here.